Study Smart & Study Fun

Study Smart & Study Fun

We know… as a student, you are not only required to focus on your academic but as well as the non-academic activities.

Studying might be challenging, that’s why we need to “study smart”. Study smart will increase efficiency in your studies and at the same time it keeps you focus, motivated and reduces your stress level.

During high school, students are only required to focus on academic result. Soft skills are the most common difficulties students faced when they first join any college or university. Hence SEGi encouraged students to participate in various club’s activities and at the meantime develop soft skills -communication skills, teamwork, leadership skills, problem solving skills etc. Learning can be fun and easy too.

There are variety of clubs and societies for students to participate during their studies with SEGi College Sarawak. Indoor and outdoor activities are conducted throughout the years to cater for students from different faculties and intakes.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Diploma in Early Childhood Education – Welcoming Party

E-sport Tournament organized by SEGi College Sarawak & Gizmo Gamers


The Visitation for Legal Year 2020 in Kuching Court Complex

Recently, Student Affairs Department organized the Club Recruitment Week and it create the platform for new students to familiarize with the various clubs and societies in the college. Students are so excited as they manage to meet up new friends from different faculties and intakes.

SEGians, don’t be shy. If you need more information regarding clubs and societies, do visit our Student Affairs Department. Join us now and it’s never too late to join!

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