SEGi’s East Malaysian Centre for Legal Studies

SEGi’s East Malaysian Centre for Legal Studies

As the only college with a faculty that provides for legal education in Sarawak, SEGi College Sarawak aims to provide internationally-recognised qualifications for those interested in reading law. Our Faculty of Law caters for students of all levels with flexibility in class schedules for full time and part time students.

Our fantastic city centre campus accommodates all the necessary facilities for a law student, without failing to give every experience in legal education. From a library equipped with up-to-date law books to a moot court that provides a real courtroom experience. Our programmes range from pre-university programme and up to undergraduate law degree that would qualify students to progress to legal practice qualification and other variant of postgraduate studies.

As a widely recognised pre-university qualification, Pearson Edexcel International A-Levels provides a number of options to venture into for undergraduate studies upon completion. The curriculum set by Pearson guarantees a comprehensive coverage of diversified subjects and recognition is emphasized on students’ knowledge, reasoning abilities and critical thinking.

An alternate option to pre-university, our Diploma programme provides students with in-depth knowledge of the laws, legal institutions and applicability of laws in today’s society. As a member of the Commonwealth countries, legal practitioners and professionals are expected to have knowledge of the English law as well as our jurisdiction and the curriculum for this programme is developed to fit these requirements particularly. Upon completion, our students will have the option of experiencing either a British or Australian education experience via our doctored partnerships with University of Hertfordshire (UK) or Queensland University of Technology (Aus.)

Students will also be able to progress locally to a widely recognised UK degree in law, awarded by the prestigious University of London (UK). As the only teaching centre in East Malaysia recognised by the University, we offer modules that would qualify our students to undertake either the Certificate of Legal Practice in Malaysia or Bar Professional Training Course in the UK for legal practice training upon completion, should they choose to practice law. Students will also have the option of progressing to postgraduate studies or take up various opportunities available in education, corporate and research sectors.

At SEGi College Sarawak, our priority will always be our students’ experience and we do not stop at classes and activities in campus. Our student affair department is dedicated to aid students in counselling and career advice, providing guidance to obtain attachments with legal forms and placements upon completion of studies. Our data proves that our students have successfully been employed by renown legal firms throughout the nation and corporate companies.

We look forward to seeing you, future lawyers!

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