SEGi College Sarawak: The Higher Learning Institution in the New Normal

SEGi College Sarawak: The Higher Learning Institution in the New Normal

The Movement Control Order (MCO) imposed by the Malaysian government since March 2020 saw the closure of almost all business and government sectors. The higher learning education is also affected by the MCO as universities and colleges had to temporarily shut down campuses. SEGi College Sarawak was not exempted from the order too. While some other institutions had no choice but to halt teaching and learning activities, SEGi College Sarawak continued to march on in delivering quality educational services via online studies to students.

SEGi College Sarawak made a seamless transition into online learning thanks to its digitalization efforts in providing a better learning experience to students over the years. The faculties at SEGi College Sarawak have been using a powerful multi-million Ringgit learning management system (LMS) called Blackboard which allows students to access course materials and interact with lecturers conveniently. The video below provides an insight on what Blackboard is all about: (>>Click Here<<)

Through the usage of Blackboard, lecturers are able to maximize their capabilities in guiding students throughout the whole teaching and learning process. Video recordings, lecture notes, assignments submission, forum discussion and tests are all made available by lecturers for students on the Blackboard platform. Below are some testimonies from students regarding their learning experience with Blackboard: (>>Click Here<<)

Today, as the government introduces the Recovery Movement Control Order which allows higher learning institutions to reopen, SEGi College Sarawak shall continue to fully utilize Blackboard to complement the restart of face-to-face or physical classes at the campus. The availability of an LMS such as Blackboard certainly adds value to the delivery of knowledge in a normal class setting. This is in line with the college’s dedication in embracing the Industrial Revolution 4.0, especially in its core activity which is education services. As we gear up to co-exist in the “new normal” today, rest assured that SEGi College Sarawak’s digital initiative in providing top notch student learning experience is here to stay.

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