Nobody’s Buying. What’s Next?

Nobody’s Buying. What’s Next?

Were you able to fulfill your sales target for this month? Did you hit your sales forecast for the year? If not, did you pin the blame on the economy and COVID-19? If so, then you are not looking at the real picture which is yourself. If businesses want to sell and become victorious today, they need to come up with new strategies and tactics that mirror that reality of today – a volatile and unpredictable economic environment.

In reality, excellent salespersons are presented with an opportunity when difficult times come because they are those who can adjust and get ahead of the contest. Salespeople should view themselves up as a brand. Why? Today, people acquire the salesperson, not the product or service. Salesperson should set themselves up as the source of information that can solve a problem instead of merely the supplier of a product or service.

While the characteristics and innovation in the product or service itself are important for buyers, the way marketers carry and project themselves are also important. Clients are more inclined to buy when the sales agent are able to portray himself or herself as a powerful resource person that can solve their problems. If nobody is buying your products or services, then ‘sell’ yourself as a problem solver.

At SEGi College Sarawak, we realize the importance of powerful marketing strategies for businesses. As such, we have programmes at both Diploma and Bachelor Degree focusing on the marketing business. Our Diploma programmes are able to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to adapt and succeed in the business world that is ever-evolving and changing in line with technology advancement.

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