My Special SEGi Journey: Awang Firdaus

My Special SEGi Journey: Awang Firdaus

Hello. My name is Awang Firdaus and I’m in my second year of my Business Administration diploma at SEGi College Sarawak. In my one year here, I have grown a lot. I chose SEGi over all the other local colleges because besides being a reputable and top national college, SEGi offered me the best choice in terms of affordability. Their fee structure meets all my needs as well as my limited financial capabilities.

I am blessed that a “Special Scholarship” was granted to me by SEGi College Sarawak due to my physical limitation. This eases the burden of my family.

And I have no regrets at all because in this past year at SEGi, I have learned and grown so much. Being someone whose first language is local Malay and second is Bahasa Malaysia, I found it a struggle to go from completely learning in BM to being taught completely in English, contemplating the next few years studying in a language I have not much confidence in. My English has never been great, and I must admit that I was more than a little nervous at first. But the lecturers, they soon put me at ease. They have exhibited wonderful patience and commitment, and I am very touched by how much they care. They go above and beyond to explain things to me that I don’t at first understand. And not only my lecturers, but also the support staff.

The facilities I love the most in SEGi are – Library and Computer Lab. The helpful librarian always around whenever I need help searching for books and articles. I don’t own a laptop hence I spend most of my time doing my assignment in the computer lab. I find it convenient.

If anyone were to ask me, I would recommend SEGi College Sarawak to them, without any hesitation, without a doubt. And I would also like to share with them that this educational journey to our future isn’t easy, but then again, nothing worthwhile in life comes easily. Still, if you put your best foot forward, if you try your very best, if you commit to your studies and to your future, and never give up even when the going gets tough, then yes, you can, and you will, succeed! Look at me. I’m living proof of that. If I can do it, how much better you will also be able to do it!

And my message is also this. Keep believing in yourself, keep your chin up, keep your eyes always on the goal. And believe me, just like I will reach the finish line, you will too!

Come join me at SEGi College. I have no regrets, and I promise you won’t either.

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