Gastronomic skills in Culinary Arts!

Gastronomic skills in Culinary Arts!

Gastronomy (the study of food and culture) is a money maker. Look at the show Masterchef and the show takes on millions of viewers, creating chef enthusiasts all over the world! But it is more than just about rolling in the big bucks – it is an art form. In the culinary world today, food is a language that often requires very few words.

Cooking is about passion, so it may look slightly temperamental in a way that it’s too assertive to the naked eye.”-Gordon Ramsay

From the way ingredients are chosen to the fine details of plating up, every dish will tell a story and leave an experience worth remembering. Many of the world’s best culinary experts were taught in the kitchen, and SEGi’s approach is to ensure that you learn the same way: SKILLS first, every time.

SEGi’s Culinary Arts diploma will allow you to understand the science of ingredients and flavours to create the cuisines that you know and love. Master basic and advanced cooking techniques in well-equipped kitchens and learn creative plating styles that will earn you respect with peers and professionals alike. And since there is always a future with food, SEGi’s culinary arts diploma will prepare you with real-life entrepreneurship skills to help you fully utilise your knowledge, experience, and qualifications in the real world.

SEGi Culinary Arts students will be equipped with a wide range of culinary arts skills that will secure employability. Visit SEGi College Sarawak website (>>Click Here<<) to receive a free consultation or (>>WhatsApp Us<<)

Check out Chef Patrick (Diploma in Culinary Arts, SEGi College Sarawak) cooking videos:

  1. Cooking Demo: Cantonese Kuey Teow
  2. Cooking Demo: Daging Masak Hitam
  3. Cooking Demo: Chicken Rendang
  4. Cooking Demo: Stuffed Chicken with Cheese, Oregano Potatoes on the side with Mayonnaise & Chili Sauce
  5. Cooking Demo: Spaghetti Chicken with Creamy BBQ Sauce

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