What’s in an MBA?  Well, it’s surely so much more than those three letters.  An MBA has the power to propel you to great heights in your job, in your position, in your life.  Based on the statistic from, an MBA holder makes an average of RM98,000 per year. That’s almost double the amount of someone who only has a Bachelor’s degree!  At SEGi College Sarawak, we have what it takes to transport you in your current position to a position in the future that you might not even be able to imagine now.  And yes, with this MBA, you’ll be able to do wonders!  Here are some of them!

What can your MBA give you?

Career Progression

In the simplest terms, an MBA can get you from here to there in a fraction of the time it takes people who don’t have paper qualifications.  Undoubtedly, you’ll still have to prove yourself.  But while proving ourselves sometimes takes months, usually years, and more often than not, decades, well, with your MBA you can just fast-track yourself to your amazing future!


You know what they say.  That connections matter. And you know they’re right.  It really does matter who you know.  Ask those with strings of letters behind their names, all qualified, all experts.  And if they don’t know anyone, well, no matter how much they know their stuff, if they don’t know anyone, their future careers might well be left in the doldrums.  But you, with your MBA, you will get to meet countless professionals who’re doing wonders in their fields.  Kick-start that career right now with your new connections!

Applied-based Learning

Unlike many of your learning experiences, in an MBA, all assessments are applied-based, meaning that you learn from life and gather knowledge as it was meant to be shared with you.  You learn from real situations.  And these situations will teach you how to manage problems and answer in solutions that you will be able to give because you’ve been learning from life itself.

A Transformative Experience

You’ve studied and worked hard.  You’ve toiled and troubled for a future.  And yes, you might not have made it yet, but you will!  Especially when you’ve acquired for yourself an MBA that will transform you into an amazing new you with amazing new capabilities and amazing new possibilities.

Leadership Proficiency

MBA’s are basically ingredients for making leaders.  You get handed amazing opportunities.   The opportunity to work on team projects, to develop skills in people management, and the opportunity to take an important role in teamwork, negotiation, and public speaking.

So let’s not wait another day!  Call (082-252566)/WhatsApp (017-8592566) us now at SEGi College Kuching to jumpstart your career!

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