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SEGi has offered more than RM100 million worth of scholarships for the past 41 years. More awards are in order throughout the year. This is an opportunity not to be missed especially for those who strive for distinguished visibility.


SPM/O-Levels, STPM/Local Matriculation/A-Levels, and UEC school leavers who have achieved outstanding results are entitled to the High Achievers Scholarship (HAS) when they register to enroll into SEGi.

The HAS will cover percentage of the new students’ tuition fees based on their results:

No. CampusesAcademic Achievement% of Scholarship on Tuition Fees
110 As and above100%
9 As and above75%
8 As and above50%
STPM/Local Matriculation/A-Levels
2CGPA 4.00 / 4 As100%
CGPA 3.75 / 3 As75%
CGPA 3.50 / 2 As50%
37 As or 5 points100%
6 As or 7 points75%
5 As or 10 points50%
4 As or 15 points20%
  • NOT applicable to AHS & Health Science programmes
  • All applicants are to be interviewed and approved by SEGi Management
  • SPM/O-Level students who scored all As in all registered subjects (less than 10 subjects) may be considered for 100% scholarships on a case-by-case basis.

*UEC – Total points of 5 Best Subjects:

A1 = 1 pointB3 = 3 pointsB5 = 5 pointsC7 = 7 points
A2 = 2 pointB4 = 4 pointsB6 = 6 pointsC8 = 8 points


  • Malaysian citizen, aged below 25 years.
  • High academic achievement(s).
  • Active in extracurricular activities.
  • Recommendation by the school principal or headmaster would be advantageous.
  • NOT applicable for Health Sciences programmes
  • is required to meet a minimum CGPA of 3.70 every semester to continue the scholarship.


SEGi Sports Scholarship

  • Talented Malaysian athlete who participates at State or National level sporting events.
  • State level athlete is entitled to 25% rebate and National athlete is entitled to 50% rebate on tuition fees.
  • Verification by sports association is necessary.
  • Applicant must represent SEGi College or University in MAPCU games or any other tournaments as and when required by the College or University.
  • Applicant is required to meet a minimum CGPA of 2.5 every semester and maintain their sports achievement at State or National level.