Rebate for 2019

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SEGi has offered more than RM100 million worth of scholarships for the past 41 years. More awards are in order throughout the year. This is an opportunity not to be missed especially for those who strive for distinguished visibility.

Early Bird Scheme

New students who pay the required deposits and signed up early for their intake are entitled to the Early Bird Scheme rebates as below:

ProgrammeSign-up datesIntakesRebatesEligible Applicant
Degree1st Dec. 2018 – 31st Jan. 2019Jan./Feb. 2019RM2,000
  • Foundation/Diploma holders (other IPTS)
1st Feb. – 31st Mar. 2019Jan. – Mar. 2019RM1,000
  • Foundation/Diploma holders (other IPTS)
Diploma1st Dec. 2018 – 31st Jan. 2019Jan./Feb. 2019RM1,500
  • Certificate/SKM holders (other IPTS)
1st Feb. – 28th Feb. 2019Mar. 2019RM1,000
1st Mar. – 30th Apr. 2019Apr. – May 2019RM500
Certificate1st Dec. 2018 – 31st Jan. 2019Jan./Feb. 2019RM500
Returning Student1st Dec. 2018 – 31st Jan. 2019Jan./Feb. 2019RM1,000
  • Degree to Master
  • Diploma/Foundation to Degree
  • Certificate to Diploma

*Students are able to use their forecast results to register and gain the rebates.


Returning Student Rebates Scheme

SEGi students who are returning to SEGi to pursue their studies for a higher qualifications are entitled to the Returning Student Rebates:

Above 3.50RM2,000
3.00 – 3.49RM1,500
2.00 – 2.99RM1,000


Ace Rebates

Good/Top Students who have achieved distinction (A) in their STPM/A-Level or distinction (A+, A-, A) in their SPM/UEC/O-Levels can apply for the Ace Rebates when they register with SEGi to pursue their tertiary education:

  • RM1,000 per distinction (A) for STPM/A-Level students
  • RM500 per distinction (A+, A-, A) for SPM/UEC/O-Levels students

Note: Students are also eligible for other discounts/rebates. However, total rebates are limited to RM3,000 for each student. The Ace rebates is applicable only to self-funding and PTPTN students.


Foundation Scholarship Scheme (FSS)

This is specially for SPM/UEC/O-Level school leavers joining SEGi Foundation leading to Degree programmes for the 2019 intakes. Students who upon completing their Foundation would articulate to a 3 or 4 years Degree programme, they can apply for the Foundation Scholarship Scheme (FSS).

Under FSS, student will pay RM360 per month during his/her foundation year (total of RM4,320). The total amount of RM4,320 will be credited at the end of the foundation programme.

The FULL amount of the foundation programme fee can be converted into scholarship upon the student progressing into the Degree programme.

However, in the event that the student did not pass the Foundation programme or completed the Degree programme, the balance of the foundation fee must be paid back to SEGi.

Note: Students under FSS are NOT eligible for any other rebates/discounts.


JomSEGi Scheme

For Malaysian SPM/UEC/O-Levels school leavers from families with monthly household income below RM3,900 (B40 group) registering to join SEGi as a new student, he/she is entitled to apply for the JomSEGi Scheme.

This scheme is an interest-free flexible payment scheme from SEGi for the shortfall amount, net of PTPTN loan.

Students under this scheme are eligible for subsidised hostel rental of RM200/month.

This scheme is limited to the first 100 applicants per campus (Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya, Kuching, Penang).

Students under this scheme are required to repay 6 months after graduation or upon securing employment (whichever comes first).

The maximum repayment term for graduated students under this scheme is up to 60 months period.

Note: Students under this scheme is not eligible for other rebates/discounts.


F2F Scheme

SEGians/current SEGi students who successfully introduced new students to enrol with SEGi are eligible for the F2F Scheme.

The introducer will receive the monetary incentives based on the program and intake the new student (introducee) enrolled to. Please refer to below table for the details:

ProgrammeJan. – May intakeJun. – Dec. Intake
Certificate & FoundationRM200RM100

Condition: The introducer will only be paid F2F incentive once new student made payment of min. RM2,000 tuition fee for undergraduate programme and below, or min. RM3,000 tuition fee for postgraduate programme and above.

F2F scheme is mutually exclusive to Group Rebate Scheme (either one only).


Group Rebate Scheme

New students enrolling into SEGi as a group of friends are entitle to the Group Rebate Scheme.

Each new student will receive a monetary incentive based on the programme that the group enrolled to and the size of the group:

ProgrammeJan. – May intakeJun. – Dec. Intake
DegreeRM300 per studentRM500 per student
DiplomaRM150 per studentRM250 per student
FoundationRM50 per studentRM100 per student

Note: This scheme is applicable for new students joining SEGi for the Jan. – Apr. 2019 intakes only.

Group Rebate Scheme is mutually exclusive to F2F scheme (either one only).


Siblings/Family Discount & Valued Corporate Partners (VCP)

Siblings/ immediate family members of existing SEGi students and VCP can apply for the Siblings/Family & VCP Discount which is up to 10% discount on tuition fee.

Students are also eligible for other discounts/rebates, however, the 10% sibling discount will only apply to the net tuition fees after the deduction of other discount/rebates.

Note: NOT applicable to AHS & Health Science programmes


Flight Ticket Subsidy

New students from East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) could claim their flight ticket coming to West Malaysia for the first time to a maximum of RM150 airfare. Students claiming this subsidy must show original copy of the airline ticket and their NRIC. The NRIC would show an East Malaysian address.



  • Any discounts or rebates will be forfeited if students does not complete their programmes that they enrolled into and applied the rebates/schemes for.
  • All discounts or rebates are on ‘bottom-up’ basis whereby the discount/rebate amount will be deducted from the last instalment.
  • These rebates and discounts are up to Principals discretion and may vary from time to time and as necessary deemed by management